100% analogue listening experience

Analog records made with analog master tapes – the Emil Berliner Studios crew uses the historic method with passion. »Pure Analogue« indicates exclusively analog productions where the complete signal chain includes no digital conversion whatsoever, from microphone to cutting stylus. Just like some other cutting studios, we label these lacquer masters with the attribute »Pure Analogue« in the runout. If a recording is made directly on lacquer disc (instead of recording to tape first), we call it direct-to-disc.

hier wird das Masterband abgespielt: Studer A80 1/4" mit Previewkopf

Rarität: Studer A80 1/2" mit Previewkopf

Die Studer A 80 bietet verschiedenen Bandverzögerung für den analogen Schallplattenschnitt an.

Technology for Pure Analogue

Today, many re-releases of older analog productions have been processed digitally. At Emil Berliner Studios, however, we cut lacquer masters from 1/4 inch tapes as well as 1/2 inch tapes.

Recent pure analogue releases