Restoration is a craft

Tradition is an obligation that sometimes requires a lot of effort. Remastering, i.e. the digitization and processing of historic audio recordings dug up from the archives plays an important role still, not only for listeners, but also in terms of copyright. Considering the recordings' immense value, it is obvious that investing in high-quality remastering does pay off – the end result can sound drastically superior.

Studer C37 1/4-inch with tube amps

Spectrograph view of a disturbing noise in the music

Editing a 4-track 1/2 inch tape

The right tape machine for each tape

A look over the engineer's shoulder during the remastering process

Studer A80 8-track tape machine

Sony DASH 3348 48-track digital tape machine

From old to new

Emil Berliner Studios can look back at the production of numerous high-quality remasterings of historic recordings from the archives of Deutsche Grammophon, Philips, Decca, Mercury Living Presence and many more labels. Our engineers therefore draw from an unparalleled wealth of experience. We have techniques and special methods to get the best result even out of poor-quality material. Combined with a lot of finesse, this can bring old gems to new levels of brilliance. Even though we might not have been there for the recording sessions, we feel a strong obligation to recreate an original listening experience of the highest possible quality.

Remastering formats

analog tape formats


¼ inch, 15 & 30 IPS, 2-track

½ inch, 15 & 30 IPS, 4-track

1 inch, 15 ips, 8-track

2 inch, 15 ips, 16-track

2 inch, 15 ips, 24-track

Music cassette


digital tape


DASH, 24-track

DASH, 48-track

Tascam 8-track HD


Recent remastered releases