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Direct to Disc at Emil Berliner Studios - From Scratch "Dinner Jazz"

Freshly baked, purely analogue: recorded, mixed and cut straight to lacquer during a two-day session last weekend. Using traditional one-point stereo miking.

From Scratch Simon Becker-Foss (saxophone)
Helge Adam (piano)
André Neygenfind (double bass)
Dieter „Zipper” Schmigelok (drums)

Engineered by Stephan Flock, cut by Sidney Claire Meyer and Rainer Maillard, Simon Nitzl (assistant engineer)
Coming soon on Berliner Meister Schallplatten

Rainer Maillard and Sidney Claire Meyer on The Original Source Series

What sets the new series apart from the original 1970s releases in terms of sound quality? Recording producer Rainer Maillard and disc cutting engineer Sidney Claire Meyer from Emil Berliner Studios give exclusive details about the newly released, pure analogue and audiophile Original Source Series by Deutsche Grammophon.

The last built Neumann VMS 82

The last built Neumann VMS 82 has found a new home! Introduced in 1981, just before the CD took over, the VMS 82 marked the final evolution of vinyl technology: a cutting lathe for Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) – using copper blanks as a medium instead of lacquer discs. This particular specimen, the last one ever produced, spent most of its life at Neumann Headquarters … until now! 
Its new home is Emil Berliner Studios, just across Potsdamer Platz. Getting it there through Berlin traffic turned quite a few heads! But after refurbishment, the VMS 82 will enjoy a most exciting life. A specialty of Emil Berliner Studios is Direct-to-Disc recording!

Many thanks to Marcel Brell for the production of this video and to Joscho Stephan for allowing us to use "Hallo, kleines Fräulein" from the direct-to-disc album "Paris-Berlin" (BMS 1817 V on Berliner Meister Schallplatten).

Espresso Binaural

Anyone who has ever been our guest in the studio cannot help but notice that our Bezzera represents the heart of our kitchen. A unique combination of craftsmanship, solid barista skills and technical finesse, allows us to serve the best coffee north of the Alps. This video is best enjoyed with headphones.



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