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In times of unlimited numbers of tracks and sophisticated editing techniques, more and more production steps can be shifted to the post-production phase. This brings a great responsibility that we are taking very seriously. On the basis of our artistic and technological experience, we are happy to offer advice when the raw material is being reviewed. Our control rooms are built to live up to the highest standards of acoustics and technology, they provide optimal conditions to achieve optimal results. From a single vocal track to complex orchestral productions: we are up for any challenge.

We stay on top of things

Working on the details until everything is perfect

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Focused work

There are many ways to reach a goal

We are used to working with many different formats and are as good with mouse and keyboard as we are with razor blades and adhesive tape. Our broad range of equipment allows us to adjust our workflow to any kind of production. It may happen that we set up a Protools session with 400 tracks for solo cello or process a full-size symphony orchestra in stereo. The same goes for analog productions with 2-, 4-, 8-, 16- or 24-track tapes that can be mixed using analog or digital consoles. According to our clients' requests, we can either take on the complete post-production from A to Z or individual steps of the process. If you are interested in recording technique that skips the post-production, we can offer you a direct-to-disc recording instead.


Recent releases (post production)