Exclusive ambience with invited guests

Sometimes what you need is an audience. Located in the very heart of the city, Emil Berliner Studios is the perfect location for recording in front of invited guests. Our infrastructure offers many possibilities for a live concert in studio quality: live streaming, audiovisual production, broadcasting, CD production or direct-to-disc recording – you name the format. The studio is also a suitable location for promotion events and album release parties. We are happy to arrange food and drink as well. Such an event can be complemented with an in-depth studio tour, where the guests can take a look behind the scenes.

Showcase Lisa Bassenge and Katapult

Concert and direct-to-disc recording with Jocelyn B. Smith & Band

Live concert with Friedrich Liechtenstein Trio

Studio concert at the Meistersaal

Live broadcasting, documentary, CD production and direct-to-disc recording all at once.

The perfect place for a perfect live recording

Emil Berliner Studios is located just around the corner from Potsdamer Platz and has barrier-free access. Our air-conditioned studio offers enough space to accomodate smaller ensembles or bands with up to 50 guests. Larger-scale studio concerts with up to 500 guests can be carried out in cooperation with BESL-Eventagentur at the Meistersaal. Lighting, PA, snacks and drinks can be provided as well.

Past studio concerts