Vintage meets high tech

Control rooms 1 and 2 as well as the studio are available to rent for external musicians, producers and recording engineers who would like to work on their own project at Emil Berliner Studios. For that purpose, we have a 5.1 surround and 9.1.4 monitor system available as well as an analog stem mastering chain. The studio is equipped with two Steinway grand pianos. We are happy to either provide an assistant or give a concise introduction.

You can choose between Merging Pyramix and Avid Protools

Pure analog recording and mixing is possible as well, e.g. on 16-track 2 inch tape

A very special treasure: Custom tube mixing desk from 1961 with V72 and V76s amplifiers

Monitoring solutions from mono up to 9.1.4

View from the studio into control room 1