Grand hall, grand sound: The Meistersaal

With its wonderful sonic characteristics, the historic concert hall is the perfect place for acoustic music productions. In the more than 100 years of its existence, it has clearly left its mark on the history of music. Today it is managed by BESL Eventagentur. Many artists as diverse as Zarah Leander, Claudio Arrau, Marianne Rosenberg, U2, Lang Lang have recorded here. Not only does it offer excellent acoustics, it is also visually appealing which opens up many possibilities for audiovisual productions.

Preparations for a live stream

Plenty of space, even for many musicians

Also for the band looking for that live sound

Two pianos sound twice as grand

This hall makes music look its best

Adjusting the sound for a recording

Berlin's largest drum booth

All players can hear each other

It's showtime!

Recording audio and video

Live stream broadcasting

Magnificent sound for classical music and more

Whether soloists, ensembles, orchestras with up to 60 musicians or bands and jazz combos – this hall is an excellent place for recording. Even for film score recording it offers a unique acoustic setting. With its 3000m³ of spatial volume, the Meistersaal has an average reverbation time of 1,5s. If necessary, the reverbation time can be reduced with drapes and partition walls. Its unique look makes the former concert hall the perfect location for producing music videos and live video streams. The hall is lit by natural light but can be darkened by means of heavy drapes, if required. For both digital and analog recordings, cutting-edge microphone preamplifiers as well as vintage tube technology can be used, remotely controlled from the ground floor.

Recent Meistersaal releases