The audiophile recording room at Potsdamer Platz

At about 100m², our spacious and modern recording room offers visual contact to the adjoining control room 1 and leaves no desires unfulfilled. When designing the room, apart from full soundproofing we put an emphasis on creating an harmonic atmosphere: its attenuated and well-balanced acoustics make it a pleasant space for jazz, pop, crossover and other recordings and a comfortable working environment for our guests. It is the perfect room for vocal or voice recordings as well as synchronous overdubbing. For those looking for an even larger space, we recommend the historic Meistersaal on the first floor – or we could also meet you elsewhere.

Vintage sound

Tranquility & inspiration

Trying to achieve that 1920s sound

We act as a broker for session players

All set for the first take

Calm before the storm

It doesn't always have to be a concert hall

Good vibes

Focus on what is important

Light & sound

analog tape recording on 16-track 2-inch tape on request

Coffee break!

A place for inspiration

Plenty of daylight and an absolutely silent air conditioning system guarantee excellent working conditions. The recording room has two Steinway-D grand pianos of different character as well as a wonderfully old-fashioned upright piano to chose from. A drum shield and movable partition walls make for many sonic possibilities. Our digital and analog infrastructures make it the perfect playground for creative work and provide endless possibilities to make music come to life. For the musicians headphone amps that allow individual submixes are available. Click here to learn about all of the studio's features.

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