Film score recording from solo to orchestra

Emil Berliner Studios conduct recordings for movies and broadcasts in cooperation with producers and composers. In every corner of the world, we record instruments, voices and ensembles of any size to go along with pictures. In addition to that, session players and score preparation can be booked through Emil Berliner Studios. We provide headphones, monitors and communication paths to guarantee smooth workflows for both small and large projects.

Strings in sync with picture

A few quick notes before the next cue

Magnificent string sound at the Meistersaal

Session break

Behind the Scenes

With our ProTools-HDX-System we are able to record up to 64 channels in 96kHz from our control room 1. We can choose from a wide range of microphones and, if required, offer mixes in 5.1. surround sound or even 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos while recording. To make sure that every overdub is spot-on, we can provide numerous headphones and individual monitor mixes through personal mixers with customizable submixes.

Recent film music releases