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Editing and mixing

In times of multitrack recording and nearly unlimited possibilities in editing, post production can cover more and more steps of the whole process. This of course leads to great responsibility, which is an issue we take very seriously. Our sound engineers are very experienced in editing and mixing, and our editing rooms meet the highest standards concerning acoustic and technical equipment, so you can rest assured that the working conditions will be optimal, whether this is about the postproduction of one of our own recordings or any “external” source.


Video-related projects are not a problem: Our studios have brought forth many stereo and surround mixes for CD, SACD, DVD-Video or Blu-ray Disc.


Tradition can mean obligation, and tradition often means work. But this work can be very worthwile. The restauration and digitalization of old recordings from different archives – so-called remastering – continues to be of great importance, to all of us as listeners and to you as copyright holder. Considering the indescribable value of some historic tape recordings, precise work in this field certainly pays off – and the differences in the final result can be dramatic.

Many historic recordings from the archives of Deutsche Grammophon, Philips, Decca and Mercury Living Presence have been excellently remastered in our studios, so this is a field our sound engineers are very experienced in as well. And even dealing with problematic sound material is a task for which we have especially efficient solutions at hand, solutions which, combined with skill and precision, are often able to produce amazing results. Even not having been part of the recording process, we still always feel obligated to reconstruct the original listening experience.