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A showpiece in the heart of Berlin

There is no such thing as an all purpose recording room. But there are many works of music out there for which our 100 sqm studio is too small. Having admitted this, we simply move to the second floor, where the Meistersaal welcomes us. Accommodating a myriad of interesting artists over the past century, this hall has written music history. Zarah Leander, Claudio Arrau, Marianne Rosenberg and U2 have come to be inspired and to record here, to name only a few. Due to its outstanding acoustics, the Meistersaal is ideal for recording a solo voice or instrument, various chamber music formations or even film music.

Starting October 18th, 1913, the day the hall celebrated its opening, the newspapers were already aware of the great possibilities this venue had to offer, though the critics varied quite a bit in their priorities:

“A new concert hall was inaugurated on Saturday: The Meistersaal in the Köthener Straße, the opening of which was celebrated with an evening of music, first of all bears the very practical circumstance of being in the middle of Berlin‘s concert district – an advantage for the public as well as the critics. Secondly, its outer appearance and acoustic conditions leave nothing to be desired.”
(Neue Preußische Kreuz-Zeitung, October 20th, 1913)

“Accustomed to our modern architecture, which can be restless, seemingly careless at times, one no longer expects to see plain elegance as it is displayed in this building; But this is a gratifying experience. What interests one most in a concert hall are the acoustics, and as far as I could judge from where I was sitting, they were excellent.”
(Berliner Volkszeitung, October 21st, 1913)

“Very comfortable chairs – the most comfortable in any Berlin concert hall – will make even the longest and most modern quartet a bearable experience, more bearable than it would be, sitting in the hard, confined seats of the other halls.”
(Hamburger Nachrichten, October 21st, 1913)


Even the most beautiful hall loses its charme if it requires too much work. In 1913, digital and analogue conduits were far from becoming reality, but today, the Meistersaal´s technical infrastructure is specially modified to live up to our modern needs. The permanently installed conduits lead directly to our control rooms and therefore guarantee optimal quality and comfortable working conditions for everyone.