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Rainer Maillard | Managing Director, Tonmeister & Producer

Rainer Maillard was hired by Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft as a recording engineer in 1990. Since then, he has worked with some of the most renowned artists in classical music and has won four GRAMMY Awards in the course of this. In 2008 he started to work as a producer and general manager of Emil Berliner Studios and has (among other things) specialized in direct-to-disc recordings. Rainer loves running to and from the studio..


Stephan Flock | Tonmeister, Recording Engineer & Producer

Nothing is impossible: He always created his own solutions and built his own gear if anything he needed was not available. Until today, he combines his work as a sound engineer with the development of studio equipment for his own company DirectOut Technologies. Stephan Flock has won six GRAMMY Awards, inter alia for recordings with Placido Domingo and Lang Lang. Stephan owns three cars, but prefers transport by single-engined aircraft.


Philip Krause | Tonmeister, Recording Engineer & Producer

The greatest, without a doubt: At 6’8” the Hamburg-born recording engineer towers over almost everything. Philip is a vital part of the Emil Berliner Studios crew since March of 2012 and has been involved in productions all over the world. His many cross-genre references include having worked with Gustavo Dudamel, Anna Netrebko, Jonas Kaufmann, Wolfgang Haffner and Sting. Philip owns an extra-large bicycle.


Sidney Claire Meyer | Recording & Vinyl Engineer

The audio engineer is the youngest crew member and provides sharp cuts at Emil Berliner Studios as the in-house vinyl mastering engineer. After having graduated from university in Mittweida, she picked up the rare craft from Rainer Maillard in Berlin and Kevin Gray in Los Angeles. The handywoman dives into any task and takes charge of smooth operations, maintenance and warehouse logistics. She alternates between riding her cross bike and road bike.


Lukas Kowalski | Tonmeister, Recording Engineer & Producer

Having successfully graduated as a concert pianist, instrumental teacher and sound engineer, Lukas came to work at Emil Berliner Studios in 2017. His Polish-German-Swiss roots give him the ability to move smoothly between different cultures, as well as sound engineering and music. He owns a single bicycle; however, he has already ridden said bicycle to Russia.


Julian Helms | Tonmeister & Recording Engineer

Julian has been working as a sound engineer at Emil Berliner Studios since 2013. He loves to ride his road bike – and fast! If he is not at the studio or riding his bicycle, Julian can be found on stage, as the lead singer of an acoustic rock band.


Christoph Franke | Tonmeister & Recording Engineer

Christoph is currently a sound engineering student at the Berlin University of the Arts. He works at Emil Berliner Studios since 2018. He’s not the only crew member to own a bassoon but the only one to own a tandem bicycle.


Hans Kaiser | Office

... the calming influence in our office since 2015. His driving style can be described as majestic.


Angela Chastenier | Office

She comes from a ‘radio-active‘ family. Both her parents used to work in public service broadcasting. For many years, Angela worked as a sound technician and dispatcher in music production at West German Broadcasting (WDR) in Cologne before moving back to her hometown Berlin in 2016. At Emil Berliner Studios, Angela takes care of office matters and coordinates sessions and events. Angela prefers to take the metro.


Justus Beyer | Tonmeister & Recording Engineer

Justus has been working for Emil Berliner Studios as a freelance sound engineer since 2014. Among other things, he is specialized in remastering historic recordings. His dedication to all things historic reflects in the original 1971s road bike, which he prefers to ride.


Matthias Kock | Tonmeister

Matthias has worked on select projects with Emil Berliner Studios since 2016. His area of expertise is analysis, measurement and DSP-processing of audio signals. Matthias takes the train.


Frederic Stader | Vinyl Engineer

Frederic has been cutting lacquers for Emil Berliner Studios since 2015. Next to music, history plays an important role in his life. Frederic moves around in a very exclusive way – on foot!


Maarten de Boer | Vinyl Engineer

Maarten has not only been cutting lacquers for decades, he also lives his passion for analogue sound. Maarten lives in Frisia, where he gets quite some headwind.