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Maarten de Boer | Vinyl Engineer

Not only has he cut vinyl for decades, he has also had a strong passion for richness of pure analogue sound.


Stephan Flock | Tonmeister & Producer

...is someone who won‘t give up before what he's working on sounds exactly the way it should. In times when he worked for Deutsche Grammophon, if he needed some special type of equipment that didn‘t exist on the market, he would simply build it himself. Nowadays, next to his job as recording producer and sound engineer, he spends a lot of time developing studio equipment for his own company, DirectOut Technologies.


Philip Krause | Tonmeister

More than 6.5 feet tall, Philip often shadows his colleagues. Grown up in Hamburg, he has been part of the EBS team since March, 2012. Besides his various activities in the studio and on location he teaches Audio Design at the HdpK (University of Applied Sciences) Berlin.


Rainer Maillard | Managing Director, Tonmeister & Producer

...likes to jog to work, which, by the way, might as well be 26.22 miles from home. He incidentally devotes a great amount of time to another type of media: photography. Here, once again, he is passionate about both digital and analogue technology.


Frederic Stader | Mastering & Vinyl Engineer

...Frederic Stader cuts Vinyl Laquers since one and a half decades. Besides music, it´s history itself playes a large role in his life.


In addition to our regular crew we also work with a select number of freelancers, some of whom we have known for many years and who have collaborated with us on countless successful projects.