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The name “Emil Berliner Studios” does not refer to our location Berlin, but dates back to Emil Berliner (1851 - 1929), the inventor of the gramophone and the gramophone record.

Deutsche Grammophon

The Emil Berliner Studios used to be the in-house recording department of the renowned classical record label Deutsche Grammophon. Thus, a brief abstract of our history is rather difficult, considering the numerous productions that have made history over the decades. (Here, we invite you to enjoy a detailled version instead.)

Anyway, we look back on a tradition of more than 100 years which started when Emil Berliner invented the “Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft” in Hannover, Germany, in 1898 – approximately 10 years after inventing the gramophone record. During this period of more than 100 years, both technology and ownership changed rapidly. Technology developed from the 7 inch shellac disc, to the 12 inch LP, to the CD, while in the studio's history names such as Siemens or Philips appear along with Polydor, PolyGram, and Universal Music.

On our own

In May of 2008, due to a management buy-out, the independent company “EBS Productions GmbH & Co. KG” was founded. This company continues the name “Emil Berliner Studios” and has emerged as an independent production studio for acoustic music of the most contrasting styles. Whilst still maintaining a strong presence in the classical music industry, we have now also done very successful jazz, cross-over and film score productions, and we are enjoying an increasing popularity in this field. Our customers are numerous big and small labels, solo artists, orchestras, bands, composers and producers from all over the world.


As a consequence of Emil Berliner Studios becoming an independent company, we moved from Hannover to Berlin and set up a permanent recording studio here. Since spring of 2010, our studios are on Köthener Straße, right in the heart of the city and only a two-minute walk from the Potsdamer Platz. Still, we don't cease to tour the world with our mobile equipment.