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High quality recording of acoustic music...

...is our strong point. Whether classical, jazz, acoustic pop music or crossover: We work hard on every detail, and on every project, to achieve the best possible results for our clients. We record ensembles of various sizes and permutations, ranging from small instrumental and vocal recordings in the studio to large opera and symphonic live performances in conjunction with video companies.


We are proud of our equipment and we master it, but we don't wish to convey priorities we don't believe in. A recording is created by people, and these people are the most important part of it, whether they are in front of or behind the microphone.

Whether as an artist or producer: In order to develop your vision of music, you need to be comfortable. And the people you communicate with need to speak your language. This is very important to us. Our job during a recording is not only to create the optimal sound but also to assist you in any musical and artistic questions you might have. Our staff are superbly educated in that field, as the classic definition of a “Tonmeister” includes the even balance of technical capability and musical/artistic knowledge.


As for the recording spaces, we provide various options depending on the size of the ensemble, the repertoire and sound results that you have in mind:

When the last note has been played...

It would not be wise to come to us for help, if the intention is to create a commercial hit right off the drawing-board. However, if the job is to optimize a recording to reach the level it deserves, we are the ones to ask, regardless of where the recording was made. The entire process of postproduction takes place in our editing rooms, which, after all, meet the highest standards concerning technical equipment and acoustics. We are prepared for all eventualities during the final phase of a production. Again, for this we place great value on communication with you, so as to ensure the best possible realization of your wishes concerning musical aspects and sound.

And if your wish is to simply make music, we can not only handle the actual production, but also take care of all the other details and arising questions to do with it, up until the issue of reproducing the final product.