10” or 12” lacquer disc cut*:

< 14 min at 33 1/3 rpm or < 10 min at 45 rpm: 140 € per side
< 20 min at 33 1/3 rpm or < 14 min at 45 rpm: 170 € per side
< 26 min at 33 1/3 rpm or < 18 min at 45 rpm: 200 € per side
> 26 min at 33 1/3 rpm or > 18 min at 45 rpm: 270 € per side

Shipping to the factory of your choice; approx. overnight shipping in Germany: 30 € per order

Additional charge if needed
Additional studio time for (re-)mastering / editing / re-sequence / inquiries: 90 € per hour
Halfspeed mastering: 100 € per side
Pure analogue cut from tape: 50 € per side

On request
Test pressings 3-minute quick check**: free!
Test pressings full quality check ***: 50 € per side

What we need
1) The source material – Please provide digital sources either as a ZIP-compressed folder or include an MD5 checksum, otherwise we can not guarantee a faultless file transfer. In this case, we would have to check the files by listening, which will be charged as additional studio time in increments of ¼ hours.
2) One file per side: please name the files A, B, C, D… One file per track: please include the track number on the respective side. As an example: the second track on the B-side would be named “B2”.
3) The record’s catalogue number or matrix number
4) Optional: include a PDF or TXT tracklist to prevent errors in track succession. We like to double check.
5) The invoice address and e-mail address of the invoice recipient
6) Info which pressing plant we are supposed to send the lacquers to. Please confirm that the pressing plant knows we will send them lacquers.

7) Please note that the time needed for necessary inquiries (e.g. billing address, shipping address, catalogue number, etc.) will be charged as studio time in increments of ¼ hours, if you have not provided the info. Therefore it is in your own interest to do so right away.
8) Tell us about the provided source: Does it need mastering (apart from what is included in the cut) or is it already mastered? Mastering will be charged in increments of ¼ hours at the rates listed above.
9) We are not responsible for source errors or audible splices. If you would like us to check your source, please let us know.
10) You are most welcome to join us at the studio, have a coffee and attend the cutting of your lacquers!

* The rates for lacquer disc cutting include tweaking your source for vinyl, e.g. adjusting the level, EQing, test cuts, etc.
** A 3-minute quick check includes quickly skipping through the tracks, listening to each one for a couple of seconds to check if the overall quality is consistent. Chances that we detect errors like skips, clicks etc. are very low when chosing this option.
*** A full quality check includes listening through the whole record. Should we notice any errors, we will check the grooves, as well as another copy of the record, if provided.